Monday, 21 July 2014

spy on your partner with mcouple mobile app

There is an app that aimed at letting you spy on your partner named mcouple
devloped by a London-based firm named mSpy
it means, any call or message you get during your day will be accessible on your partner’s connected handset without any boundation
mCouple is an mobile application which you can download on your Android and iOS devices to keep track of your partners.
available at Google Play store and the Apple App Store
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Iphone to release soon: ??

Apple is set to launch smartphone with

  • There will be two releases for iPhone 6. One comes with a four point seven inch screen. While the other one will have a screen size of five point five.
  • The larger of the two iPhones will be called “iPhone Air”.
  • The smaller out of the two will have a maximum storage capacity of sixty four GB. iPhone Air’s storage capacity on the other hand, will go up as high as hundred and twenty eight GB.
  • The smaller iPhone 6 and iPhone Air will cost around eight hundred and fifty US Dollars and one thousand US Dollars respectively.
  • Like the Screen of iPhone 5S, both of the iPhone 6 will have a glass panel on its screen which will be more slender than the one used in 5S.

Apple iwatch

Apple lover must know about upcoming apple iwatch in 1.7 inch and 1.3 inch
having picture resolution 320x320

Smart Google Contact Lens coming with Novartis

google 's lens looks like simple lens,company's eye care division, Alcon, will license Google's smart lens and co-develop them for a variety of ocular medical uses
it measure glucose level  see more>>>

how android wear control mobile phone

Open Google Camera app on your phone.
Your Android Wear device or smart watch will then display a card for remote capture.
From there, you can touch an enlarged shutter button to snap a pic
including Instagram and Vine — consider adding Android Wear compatibility.
 Seriously, how great would a wrist-mounted remote trigger be for avid stop-motion Viners

Facebook app for famous people

Making celebs out of twitter

celebrities and public figures have already been quietly using the app
including Mariah Carey, Whoopi Goldberg, Josh Duhamel, Ed Sheeran, Austin Mahone, Tyrese Gibson, Rachel Zoe, Arianna Huffington, Bill Nye and Nick Kristof



Mobile phone a communication power. Modern mobile devices provide powerful computing capabilities and Internet access. They typically have a display screen with a miniature keyboard or a touch-screen interface.

samsung  is 70 year old technology with diverse business

smartwatch providing heavy customisation on its Android OS platform is all set to continue this trend with its Android Wear
TIzen is operating system based on linux on which samsung focusing

wearables tecnology in todays trend 

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